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Will an end-of-summer holiday be possible? Our guide to the perfect holiday before September


It feels like a much-needed wave of optimism has swept through the country in the past few weeks. With the July 4th re-openings combined with stunning summer weather, the ‘new normal’ doesn’t seem all that bad.

But the question of whether summer holidays will be possible before September remains somewhat up in the air for the time being. There are signs of life for travel abroad, but they seem like flights will be limited in terms of where they go and how much seating is available. Here’s our guide to getting the most out of an end-of-summer holiday booking.


How do air bridges work?

We’ve written about how useful air bridges will be previously, but the very short summary is this: air bridges will allow citizens to travel to another country and back without a second of quarantine. Bearing in mind that right now, a UK citizen travelling to another country would typically have to lock themselves indoors for a grand total of 28 days, we can understand why so many people are desperate to know when air bridges will be implemented.


safest end-of-summer holiday

But here’s the thing – nothing is certain in these times, and air bridges are no exception. Places like South Korea have been offered air bridges by certain countries because they’ve had the virus under control – but now they’re grappling with a potential second wave of coronavirus cases. Likewise, Germany has been leading the way with its track and trace programme keeping the virus contained, but has seen a sharp rise in the R number in recent days. So just because two countries are connected by air bridges does not mean that it will definitely be the case in a month’s time.

Visiting attractions on holiday 

For the most part, it’ll be safe to see the sights wherever you choose to travel. But indoor spaces like museums and galleries, as well as private outdoor hotspots, will likely operate on a pre-booking basis. Given how spaced out visitors will have to be and so how few people will be allowed in at once, we think that these places are worth booking before pretty much anything else.


How to stay safe on holiday  

As fun as it can be to hop around in a new city’s public transport, we would advise against it. Walking and cycling are your best friends in the time of coronavirus, but in case no over-ground options are available it’s worth packing some face masks and only going on transport during its emptiest hours.


 Safest places to book a holiday

To put it simply, the safest and most risk-free end-of-summer holiday you can book right now is somewhere in Britain. That way you’ll evade the rigamarole of international law and constantly changing quarantine restrictions.

Plus, we may be biased but we think that a good old aparthotel suite, with your own private kitchen, bathroom and TV, is the best way to travel with complete peace of mind.


If you’re looking for a safe, relaxing city break this summer then look no further than Supercity Aparthotels. Whether you’re after a week in the capital or a weekend by the beach, our spacious aparthotels in London, Brighton and Manchester are ideal for social distancing. Take a look at our special summer offers here.

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