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Did you make the most of the lockdown?

No Wine with friends on FaceTime. No sports. No nothing?

If you feel you have watched every series, movies and documentaries on Netflix (including Tiger King) and that in the last few weeks, your favourite moments have included making a batch of overcooked homemade cakes and getting your flute out after years in storage; You’re not alone and shouldn’t feel bad about it.

Lockdown mood

People are finding the lockdown either ok, boring, unbearable, or for the unsociable among us, remarkably similar to the way it was before the Covid-19 pandemic.
But another feeling has started to emerge – GUILT!

We’re told by new fitness influencers and improvised online teachers to spend every minute focused on work or self-improvement.

Living room working out with our fav teacher PE with Joe, to painting, to cooking and baking, people are at it. And we were too at some point…

joe Wicks

We see our friends and relatives learn a new language, or to take a business course to more effectively use this spare time. It seems like every second that we don’t put toward building a side business, finding a new hobby, or improving ourselves is in some way a second wasted.

But our advice here at Supercity UK is to remind you that it is OK to relax and take time to recharge. It is enough to survive this pandemic and that it is not a productivity contest.

Let’s focus on making it one day at a time doing what is best for us and our family and let’s not get crushed by the guilt and anxiety of not doing enough.
So even if the online pressure is convincing, unplug and do not become a victim of over-thinking and social competition.

But don’t get us wrong, if you’re into working out everyday or you’re still trying to find the best way to use you’re free time. It’s good too and you should go for it, it’s not too late to find a new passion. You can have a look at the 10 tips and activities to try during lockdown published by The Telegraph here.


Make the best out of the worst.


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