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Why Aparthotels May be the Safest Living Solution in the Time of Coronavirus


Many of the brilliant key workers across the country have taken to aparthotels during the coronavirus as they work long hours in the cities, often far away from their families. On our part, we’ve been proud to house key workers in our aparthotels in London, Manchester and Brighton, and have come to see the unique value of aparthotels in offering accommodation for a range of different requirements.


Financially Friendly Accommodation

The researchers at Acomodeo have compared serviced apartments to hotels in terms of cost and the results are stark. For stays of longer than 4 days, aparthotels come out as more cost efficient overall, for one key reason: aparthotel costs decrease over time, rewarding longer stayers (for our own part, we’re now offering 40% off accommodation for anyone staying with us from longer than a fortnight). By comparison, the cost of a hotel room typically only increases over time, incentivising short-term stays with quick turnovers.

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Are aparthotels safe during coronavirus?

Aparthotels are inherently one of the safest models of accommodation, quite simply because serviced apartments are self-contained by their very nature: there are no shared food facilities or communal bathroom areas, and each apartment has all the utilities that guests require. Moreover, on our end, we’ve taken numerous extra steps to ensure all of those living with us for however long are as safe and secure as they can possibly be; we’ve reduced our staff service to ensure minimal chances of infection in our properties and revamped our health and safety protocols in line with government guidance.

Ideal city accommodation for key workers

Many of the heroes on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, whether they’re in healthcare, emergency services, or public transport operations, have turned to inner-city hotels for temporary key worker accommodation in the past two months. The problem is that due to the prevalence of night shifts and early morning starts, key workers’ schedules are often out of kilter with the hotel’s. This means, for example that they can’t rely on the set hours in which a restaurant’s breakfast bar or brasserie operates, nor do they have many food options elsewhere.            

By comparison, aparthotels with fully fitted kitchens have proven to be ideal homes-from-home for key workers. The independent, do-it-yourself element of aparthotel living suits every schedule, night or day, whilst having full living facilities, like a sofa and TV, gives people something to look forward to at the end of a long day.

Temporary accommodation for those moving house

Aparthotels during the coronavirus pandemic have had another vital role: offering short-term, flexible accommodation for those who are in the process of ending one tenancy and beginning another and have ended up stuck in a sort of limbo in between. When turning to the likes of Rightmove or SpareRoom for this temporary accommodation, many have found themselves bogged down even further by lengthy minimum stays and all sorts of additional payments.

Enter aparthotels, with no minimum stay, no hidden fees, no bumper contracts, no additional bills – simply no catches. With transparent rates and fully-fitted accommodation ready to go, aparthotels have a symbol of reliability and simplicity for so many in troublesome situations.


If you’re in need of temporary accommodation in London, Manchester or Brighton during the coronavirus pandemic, our doors are open. With 40% off long stays and half-price rates for key workers, we’re here to meet all of your short-term city accommodation needs. Check out our central locations here.

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