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Printworks, Printworks, Printworks!

If you’ve stayed at The Rosebery recently, you may have noticed our brand new eatery, Printworks Kitchen. We interviewed managers Catherine Rose and Danielle Brown to find out more…

We’re very excited to see the opening of Printworks Kitchen! Can you tell us a little more about it and what makes it special?
We both come from different cooking backgrounds and have different passions, but the thing we both think is most important is that the food we provide is fresh, seasonal, beautiful and as natural as possible. There aren’t many places that offer this in Clerkenwell, so we wanted to bring fresh food and drink of a high quality to the area.

What about you? Can you tell us a little bit about the face of Printworks Kitchen?
You’ll have to come in and meet us to find out. We’re terribly mysterious!

What does a typical day involve? We imagine there is a lot of vegetable peeling and herb chopping?
Because everything is made fresh every day, there is a lot of vegetable peeling and herb chopping; not forgetting salad tossing, bagel spreading, coffee grinding and muffin making.

How would you describe Printworks Kitchen in five words?
Fresh, delicious, beautiful, relaxed with an ever-changing-menu (that can be five right?)

We’re sure it’s hard to narrow it down, but what is your favourite dish that you’ve served at Printworks so far?
The butternut squash and coconut soup is incredible but as the menu changes with the seasons, this could change…!

What is the best thing about managing Printworks Kitchen?
We get to do what we love every single day – working with each other.

If you weren’t working here, what would you be doing?
…trying to define the limits of time and space?

Give us a sneak peek: what can we expect in the coming months?
We can’t wait to do a Chicory, Orange and Almond salad and soon we hope to be able to offer Pimms or a Printworks cocktail to welcome in summer.

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