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Gym, Gym, Gym!

If you’re staying at The Rosebery and would like to keep up, restart, or make entirely new fitness goals; book a session with our resident Personal Trainer, James Kahan of Beyond Fitness. We asked him to sit still for five minutes to ask him some questions and find out more…

Okay, let’s get started with an easy one… what’s the best thing about working with Supercity Aparthotels? We know it’s difficult but try and narrow it down…
That’s a no brainer. It’s got to be the people. They’re a genuinely lovely bunch! You’d think I would say that, given that I work with them but that’s the honest truth.

What does a typical day involve? Is there as much lycra as we imagine?
People usually want to train early or late, so I tend to start at The Rosebery at 7am and finish at 8pm. Hold your sympathy! I have a big gap in the middle of the day where I work out, mooch around the local markets and work on my podcast.

Lycra is soooo 90s. Organic merino wool is where it’s at now, get with the programme, Darling…

Each Supercity employee get a free personal training session with you each week, but if you could only train one, who would it be and why?
You’re all a pleasure to work with but it would have to be Financial Director Ryan as I don’t get to see him enough because he’s so busy/elusive.

We hear you have a side project, could you fill us in?
I run a podcast called Kill The Guru. I interview some of the top experts in the health and fitness world and take an irreverent look at some of the wackier fads and gurus in the industry.

You can check it out here and here.

Oh. So you wouldn’t approve of our exclusively chocolate diet in the office then?
You’re just saying that to wind me up. Plus I know for a fact you eat croissants as well.

Moving on… What’s your pet peeve in the gym? Having to spend every day explaining what a burpee or mountain climber is?
I’m more than happy to explain exercises and demonstrate technique! No my pet peeve has to be people who leave dumbbells lying around or spend ages hogging one piece of kit!

If you’d like to book a session with James, please contact a member of staff at The Rosebery.

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