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Five Fun Easy Skills to Learn During the Lockdown


At Supercity we abide by a simple principle: life is what you make of it. Even when you’re trapped indoors all day, there is still plenty of fun to be had with as little as a piece of paper to hand. So whether you’re self-isolating or simply stuck inside all day, here are our top five easy skills to learn during the coronavirus lockdown.


Learn the Basics of Korean 

You have to trust us when we say this is an awful lot easier to do than it sounds. There are fewer characters in the Korean alphabet, and because they all have distinctive shapes and features it’s easy to remember which one is which. All you need is a pen and paper, exactly five minutes, and this amazingly intuitive YouTube video.


skills to learn during a lockdown


Learn to Spin Pizza Dough

A classic pizza dough is one of the very best skills to learn during the lockdown. It’s also one of the easiest and cheapest recipes to make, typically involving little more than some flour, yeast, olive oil and water.  A lot of people are put off by the spinning element, which seems exclusively reserved for veteran chefs, but with a solid hour of practice, you should be able to perform a comfortable two-handed twirl that is bound to impress future dinner guests.


fun skills to learn during the lockdown for coronavirus


Learn Easy Origami  

Why, oh why, did we never do this beyond our early years? Origami is one of the most satisfying crafts that anyone can enjoy during a lockdown, regardless of natural talent. Again, no need to venture out of your house to prepare for this one – as long as you have a piece of A4 paper, even if it’s just an old electricity bill, the world of origami is your oyster. YouTube is excellent for inspiration, and it’s great fun to follow along making dragons, turtles, sharks, and thousands more designs.


Learn Every King and Queen of England – In Order 

We get it – learning the names of 41 kings and queens, and the numbers after their names, and then the order in which they came, might sound about as much fun as washing the dishes. But some unknown hero (who must’ve been extremely bored) came up with an incredibly catchy sixteen-line mnemonic which you can sear into your brain in no time. We’ve found this to be extremely useful knowledge for pub quizzes, and it doubles up as a neat party trick as well.  Thank us later.


fun skills to learn during a lockdown


Learn to Solve a Rubik’s Cube 

The quarantine period is great for ticking off those small-scale feats in life that you’ve never gotten around to before, and there may not be a more fitting example than the Rubik’s cube. You could win the lottery, invent time travel and go to space in your lifetime, but until you’ve completed your first Rubik’s cube you won’t know true satisfaction. And given that the world record for solving one is under five seconds, we simply say: how hard can it be?


We hope that wherever you are in the world you’re staying safe in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Supercity’s doors are still open in London, Manchester and Brighton for anyone who needs a safe, secure short-term place to stay. Have a read of our latest safety measures and contingency plans here.

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