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Could a Road Trip Be the Answer to Your Summer Holiday?


The Health Secretary warned that ‘big, lavish international holidays’ are highly unlikely this summer. Although this was met with much gloom and doom, we still see an opportunity for a safe alternative summer trip during the coronavirus pandemic in the coming months.

To put it simply, Britain is beautiful, and all too often under-appreciated. From its quaint historic towns to its vast rural stretches, there is so much to explore up and down the country.

Is a road trip more eco-friendly than flying abroad?

By quite some distance, yes. Let’s crunch some quick numbers to demonstrate this. According to the environmental experts over at Grist, a 400-mile road trip would generate 136kg of carbon dioxide. That may sound like a lot, but split it between 4 passengers and the emissions per head stands at 34kg. Now compare that, for example, to a return flight to Barcelona. Per person, that would release 344kg of CO2 – about ten times the amount.

Would a UK road trip be safe from COVID-19?

Cars are just about the safest mode of transport available in a pandemic. Seating arrangements on trains, buses and planes are specifically designed to maximise the number of people who can fit on board, which means they’re not well built for a pandemic. It has also been predicted that because planes and trains will have to block off a number of seats to comply with social distancing, the remaining seats available may soar in price.

What is more, when you’re at the steering wheel you’re in full control of your trip. If you don’t want to risk a potentially packed beach or walking route, you don’t have to. There are plenty of beautiful hidden spots around the UK that not many people would think to explore – and we’ll tell all in our upcoming guide to the best and safest places to drive around in the country.

Is it safe to book domestic holidays this summer?

We understand that the rules about travelling in the UK during the pandemic are continually changing. No one, no matter their expertise, can say for sure what the UK will be like in July or August 2020. But that’s just the beauty of the road trip; you’re not committing hundreds of pounds to booking flights and weeks’ worth of accommodation abroad.

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We’ll be back soon with our guide to the most beautiful and peaceful road trip routes in Britain. Until then, stay safe and remember that our doors are open in London, Brighton and Manchester for anyone who needs a temporary place to stay during the coronavirus pandemic. Have a look at all of our current offers *HL*now.

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