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Brighton’s Incredible Community Effort to Save Local Businesses During the Coronavirus


There’s just too much to love about Brighton, from the seaside fish-and-chip shops to the amazing clothing shops hidden around every corner. But our favourite thing of all is the unbreakable sense of community spirit in the city. Don’t just take our word for it – a recent study found that Brighton was the second-most community-spirited city in the UK. So what happens when a tightly-knit city with a thriving local business scene meets a devastating pandemic that has so far stopped people visiting Brighton this summer? The answer is something extraordinary.


Fighting Food Poverty

The past three months have seen a worrying rise in food poverty – meaning that many have been going without a sufficient diet due to the effects of the coronavirus. This has happened for two main reasons – firstly, vulnerable people are put off going to supermarkets due to the health risks, and secondly, some households simply cannot afford to eat due to the virus’ effects on employment and income.

Enter Darren Snow, a local hero with a history of looking out for those in need. He has set up the East Brighton COVID-19 Support Fund, focusing on providing sufficient resources to one of the most deprived areas of the country. Thanks to an immense community funding effort he’s able to make 100 hot meals a day, seven days a week, in his newly set-up kitchen in the Bristol Estate.


brighton community fight against coronavirus


The service offering delivery for the best shops in Brighton

The future of Brighton’s local businesses has often looked uncertain in recent years as the likes of Amazon and ASOS sweep up the market. Add to that the crippling impact of the coronavirus lockdown and you would be forgiven for thinking that things aren’t looking up.

But thanks to a new service called ‘Click it Local’ that has recently launched in Brighton, high street shops are able to compete with the titans of the commercial world on the delivery front. Its founder Steven Koch chose Brighton as the second place to expand to after Cambridge, thanks to its ranging local business scene; the app allows locals to order anything from craft beers to designer boots to fresh fish straight to their door.


Council supporting local business 

The statistics for people visiting Brighton during the summer are typically staggering, but this year they have so far been at an all-time low. As tourism is the most important generator of Brighton’s economy, local businesses have suffered immensely – but the council has stepped up to the task to ensure that no business gets left behind. With £63 million allocated to 4600 companies in the area, the council has created a robust safety net to keep local heroes afloat until the time when tourism returns to Brighton later this summer.


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