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All you need to know about Bleisure Travelling

Churchill once said: “Bleisure is beyond a trend… it’s an absolute habit”.


A small disclaimer – we’re talking about Bryan Churchill, the VP of hotel sales for the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board. He said it earlier this year. Still, we think that Winston would have been a keen bleisurer himself.


What is bleisure?

Bleisure is a combination of ‘business’ and ‘leisure’ travelling which involves adding a holiday onto the beginning or end of a business trip away. The term was first coined a decade ago, but has only become a big trend in the past two years.


Why is bleisure so popular?

The stars seem to have aligned for bleisure this year. It has an answer to just about every problem facing the modern business traveller. For those concerned about their carbon footprint, bleisure travelling can cut annual flight times by half. For those who want to save money but also need a break, bleisure can function as a permanent holiday discount. And for those struggling to motivate themselves for a long week of work abroad, the bleisure model gives them both the ‘work hard’ and the ‘play hard’. In fact, studies have shown that it reduces the negative personal effects of travelling away from home for business.



Who is it targeting?

Although statistics suggest that millennials are more likely to make these trips, bleisure travel has spiked across all age ranges. This is in part because business travel just doesn’t seem to be disappearing; technology still has a long, long way to go before it can fully replicate face-to-face meetings from across the globe. Older generations have used the bleisure model as a kind of family holiday package, flying out their partners and children for the leisure half of their trip.


A sustainable travel solution?

Eco-friendly travelling has been a difficult circle to square for a long time. Even for those committed to staying green on their travels, the carbon emissions stats from the flights alone don’t make for pretty reading. But if flying out for a business meeting or event is a necessity anyway, it’s possible to cut out two extra holiday flights that year by staying put and taking a week off. And when it comes to places that aren’t so appealing for a holiday, the chances are there is somewhere interesting nearby that is reachable by train.



Has it impacted the travel industry?

Hugely. Travel companies and hoteliers have had to start merging traditionally separate departments, rebranding themselves to appeal to new customer bases, and introducing “bleisure packages” that offer companies extended stays.


But here at Supercity Aparthotels? We haven’t changed a thing. We’ve been bleisure-friendly since day one – in fact, we wish we’d invented the word. Our family-run business was founded on the core principle that the corporate traveller and the tourist aren’t all that different. Fundamentally, both want to enjoy their stay.


Where can I stay for bleisure in the UK?

Whether you’re sightseeing or report-writing – or, of course, doing some intense bleisuring – our modern, stylish suites in London and Manchester are for you. If you need to work, they double up as spacious and quiet offices. If you want to explore, we’re right in the heart of two of the finest cities in the country. You can come and stay for a matter of days, weeks, or even months. And with our personalised, flexible service, you can choose whether you want more of a hotel-style treatment or the authentic home-from-home experience.


With Supercity Aparthotels, you’re always in control of your trip. Book now with our limited-time winter offer.

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