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Why an autumn city break in the UK might be your smartest holidaying option this year


It looks like the holiday surge is powering through beyond the end of summer in Britain this year. As demand for an August staycation has been astronomical , many have chosen to hold their horses and bag a cheaper getaway in September or October. We like this tactic, because we think that an autumn city break can include all of the perks of a summer trip minus some of the stresses and price hikes. Here are six reasons why an autumn city break in 2020 may be your savviest holiday choice.


The beauty of London in the autumn

The big decision on any prospective autumn holidaymaker’s plate is whether to go for the rural or city escape. We reckon you may be able to work out which way we lean on this debate – but we’ll let these pictures do the talking.

london park in autumn

autumn city break

Indoor options

An escape to the autumnal Scottish Highlands or the Yorkshire Dales might seem like the dream, but the problem is that you’re committing to a break spent mostly outdoors. October is statistically the rainiest month of the year, and if you book a week in the countryside with only a tent or B&B to keep you sheltered, you may find yourself short of things to do.

That’s a problem that you don’t face with a city break. With museums, galleries and indoor food spots reopening across English cities, you can easily pass away a rainy day in style.


More relaxing, spacious cities

Although the government is encouraging the country to gradually return to offices, plenty of companies have settled very comfortably into their working-from-home setup, with many only set to return in the New Year at the earliest.

This has led to some truly rare phenomena: clear pavements, whole carriages to yourself on public transport, no queues at the coffee shops. We say: enjoy it while it lasts! We love the hustle and bustle of English cities, but seeing them this tranquil is a very rare thing indeed. And, perhaps best of all, it makes the streets of London that much more aesthetically pleasing, and leads to some great photo opportunities.


A spontaneous getaway

One of the most evergreen reasons for a city staycation is the fact that you can book at reasonable prices a matter of days in advance. Getting great deals on flights often means keeping tabs on the prices for months and booking at the exact right moment. Train and bus tickets, on the other hand, are much less volatile price-wise and are easier to book on short notice. So if you’re averse to heavy pre-planning, the spontaneous city break is the ideal autumn treat.

autumn in london 2020

No quarantine stress

Alongside the need to book in advance is the continual stress of that dreaded 14-day quarantine being suddenly imposed upon you. We’ve heard all too many stories of the mad dashes back from quarantine-listed countries, as holidaymakers have been forced to cut their travels short and fork out for another flight home.

This looks like it’ll be a recurring theme for the coming months, and it’s incredibly hard to predict which countries will join the quarantine list and when. For a lot of people, the stress of routinely worrying about the new cases rate in the country to which they’re travelling simply isn’t worth it, and that’s one of the reasons for the recent staycation boom.


The cheapest city break ever

At the very start of the pandemic there was a fear that city attractions and tourism operators would have to dramatically bump up their prices to survive. Gladly, though, the opposite seems to have happened; as holidaymakers have been uncertain about visiting cities during this time, the overall price of a city break has significantly fallen. So from a financial perspective, there’s never been a better time for an autumn city break.


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