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What is the ‘New Normal’ and How Will Coronavirus Affect Travel For the Rest of 2020?


As life in the UK stabilises and slowly starts to reopen after the COVID-19 outbreak, a growing debate has emerged around how far the country will get back to normal, and if we don’t, what the ‘new normal’ will be. Everything remains up in the air, but based on other countries that are ahead of the UK we can start to make some predictions about what life will be like for the rest of the year and perhaps beyond.


Will we have to wear face masks in the coming months?

The UK has not yet implemented any rules on face masks, but it’s likely this will be included in the next steps in the easing of the lockdown. Various studies have shown that they can decrease infection rates by somewhere between 75% and 90%, and in France fines have been put in place for not wearing one on the metro.

Although we can’t say for certain, it’s likely that facemasks will be encouraged, if not required, in some areas – city streets, busier towns and holiday spots. This has become


Will flights increase in price after COVID-19?

In the travel industry this has been the million-pound question. One school of thought argues that because people will be cautious about international flying for a while yet, airlines may have to offer reduced flying prices later this year to encourage those who are on the fence.

A second point of view, though, suggests that because planes are designed to fit as many people as possible on board, the ‘new normal’ in international travel will involve, at the least, every other seat being left empty. For airlines to continue to profit from flights with half of their passenger quota, it is suggested, would involve a significant spike in the price of a ticket.


What will city transport be like from now on?

Most public transport in the UK is not built for social distancing – the tube in London, for example, is designed to pack as many people in at rush hour, as are most metropolitan bus services. But the government’s recent announcement of a £2 billion package for cycling and walking in the capital gives us a clue as to how they envisage the coming months of commuting while social distancing in London. Although this project is a long-term one – the government want to double cycling by 2025 – there will soon be pop-up cycle lanes all over the streets to encourage people to stay off the tube.


Will summer holidays happen in light of COVID-19?

As we’ve *link to staycation blog*mentioned before, we’re optimistic that holidays will be on the cards later this year. But international travel looks increasingly unlikely, and recent reports suggest that the government will be actively encouraging ‘staycations’ to minimise the international spread of the virus and offer a much-needed boost to British tourism businesses.


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