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Jessica Cassar

Different Every Day

“I do like animals but I don’t have a dog,” Accounts Assistant Jess Cassar says. “It wouldn’t be fair, I’d be out too much, socialising. I don’t want to bring him along, get the dog drunk and then carry him home on the tube—that wouldn’t be fun. ‘What’s wrong with your dog?’ ‘Oh nothing, he’s just had a bit too much G and T.’”

Jess insists she’s “not that good at telling jokes,” but working with her, these kinds of stories and insight pepper the day. No two days are ever going to be the same with her. There’s always new stories or new ways of telling them.

Here’s another:

“If I won the lottery I would probably buy a little flat in West London, because if I wanted money I’d want a garden with a horse—I can’t imagine buying a townhouse and keeping the horse in West London. Everyone would know I’m a lottery winner, I would be so extravagant. There would be pink flamingos out on the lawn.”

She has boundless energy. Rarely not running, she buzzes through the day with a wide smile. There’s always new things to tackle and new stories to share – every difficulty is a challenge she can learn from. The tough days are the busy ones, but then again, “every time you get a busy day it prepares you so you’ll never get a busy day again.”

That attitude keeps her going, in everything she does.


So Not The Office


She started in accounts at Supercity two years ago. After seven years doing admin for a jewellery company in Hatton Garden, with accounts the best part of the job, she pursued her AAT qualification in college. “I had the knowledge, I just needed that practical side of things,” and Supercity was the best place for that. Since it was smaller then, the job gave her access to a variety of different tasks—all the more chances to learn and challenge herself.

The company’s grown a lot in those two years. Now, with the larger accounts department, her job as accounts payable is to make sure all payments are made on time and in an orderly fashion. She loves the team here, the way they socialise and stick up for each other, “so not like [the TV programme] The Office. There’s no one you avoid in the coffee room.”

A really good day in the (totally not The Office) office is when “you come in and you’re in your zone. You’ve got your seven-point to-do list and it’s half five and you’ve crossed out six of them. Power mode.”

The day ends when the tasks do. “If I’ve got a problem, I’ve got to stay till God knows when, I will get it done.” It always come down to thinking positive. “I know at the time you think ‘I can’t do this,’ but no, it’s fine, there’s always a silver lining.”


Master of Her Field


“In life, you’ve got to be fearless.”

Fearless, maybe, but also practical. Jess lives in just past East London, knowing that “what you get for your London is not what you’d get out here.” The commute is okay, though, and she spends almost every free moment in the city—“socialising, shopping, doing the things a Londoner will do.”

What about moving elsewhere? Though she lived as a child in Australia, it seems too far from her life now. She’d consider America because of the randomness and the freedom there— “I could go there and come back with another head if I wanted to.” At the end of the day, though, she loves London a little too much—and Supercity, for that matter, too.

That contentedness means the future is wide open, and she’s open for whatever comes her way. “Really, my aim at the moment for the next 5 years is just to learn, to excel at what I’m doing.” And that all comes down to her energy, her attitude, her capacity to learn from it. “Someone might think, ‘Oh in 5 years time I might be CEO,’ no I just want to be master of my field.”

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