Interview with Alexis, Chief Executive

For this week’s blog post, we interviewed Supercity’s Chief Executive, Alexis, and we were eager to know all the wonderful things she would say about her staff….!!

What’s the best thing about Supercity Aparthotels? Definitely my colleagues – I couldn’t ask for a better team.

What does your typical day at work involve? I’m definitely not a creature of routine so working at Supercity fits well with that – you never know what life or work will throw at you.

What have been your highlights so far? Looking back and seeing how far we’ve come – building a dedicated team that are so supportive to the company and to each other.

How would you describe Supercity in five words? Seamless. Detailed. Considered. Energised. Collaborative.

What was your first ever job? I ran a club night when I was at university– but that was more fun than work. My first proper job was in a photographic art gallery.

If you were allowed one dream perk, what would it be? More hours in the day and daily naps.

If you could ask a celebrity to join the Supercity Aparthotels team, who would it be and why? Charles Dickens – there’s an underlying humour and a vast understanding of people in his work – both would come in very handy at Supercity.

If you weren’t working at Supercity Aparthotels, what would you be doing? Something creative: photography, baking or throwing parties.

What animal best reflects your personality and why? Labrador – I’m soft and loving but I know what I want and am good at demanding (nagging) till get it!

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