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London can be quite overwhelming as it is without having to deal with slow internet connections and data-scrimping— you don’t need that, especially when you’re travelling for work. But fear not, we’ve got your covered! Meet your handy. 


City Travel In Style

Calling itself the world’s first mobile ecosystem, handy is a fully functional smart phone that you can take with you wherever you go during your stay with us. With unlimited data, you’ll never get lost in London’s narrow winding streets; not only will you make it to all your meetings on time, you’ll have access to London’s melting pot of bars and restaurants with handy’s excellent city guides.


Maybe you’re looking for the perfect place to dine close to The Rosebery, or you want to up your cultural game and swing by a museum near Templeton Place—with handy the whole city unlocks at your fingertips whether you’re here for 7 months or 7 days.

Always Connected with Handy

There’s a lot of other useful features built in, too. Use handy to contact our team at any time. So if at any time you need extra linen or pillows, more beds, housekeeping or dry cleaning services, just grab your handy phone and give us a call. It’s a personalised experience that helps you have exactly the stay you want. You can use the phone to book tickets and find great seat deals, meaning you can nab those footie or musical tickets in seconds. We’ll even make you aware of our exclusive offers, so keep an eye out for PUSH notifications!


At the end of your stay, handy will automatically erase, so there’s never any fear about your information getting out to other people. Use it as much and as long as you’d like. Best of all, you can call (almost) anywhere in the world, for as long as you’d like. That’s right, no roaming charges! And with a mobile battery life of 23 hours of talking time, that’s a lot of calls. So there’s no fear about ever losing touch with loved ones or missing important business functions. With handy, you’re always connected.

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