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Why Aparthotels? A Provider’s Insight

Yet again, the rising demand for aparthotels was one of the biggest industry trends of the last year. What are the driving forces behind this shift?


After yet another year of strong growth, the serviced apartment has established itself as a mainstay of the hospitality economy. Here are some of our observations on why aparthotels are becoming the go-to for each and every profile of traveller.


The personal touch


What do you do if you’re an enormous hotel chain operating in multiple cities or even countries? For a long time, the answer has been to adopt the standardisation approach – that is, create a general hotel model that just about fits most purposes, and click copy and paste as many times as your heart desires.


This, however, is proving unsustainable. Those visiting cities with rich cultural heritage no longer want to stay in a hotel designed for an entirely different place hundreds of miles away. Indeed, an École hôtelière de Lausanne survey conducted a few months ago has proven that some of the biggest chains are starting to move towards a policy of personalisation – trying to implement more locally-inspired designs and models.


The problem for them is that the serviced apartment industry got there first. Quite a long time ago, in fact. Small hotel suites consisting of little more than a bed and bathroom are difficult to personalise, but when you have spacious living areas and multiple rooms you can take your aparthotel in whatever direction you choose.


luxury aparthotel in Manchester


What about business travel?

For some it seems surprising that business travellers are making the switch from hotel rooms to apartment suites just as frequently as leisure travellers. But aparthotels have become so popular amongst this demographic because, quite simply, business travellers are humans too! They want the freedom to order food or cook themselves. They want to be able to let loose at the gym, or maybe just collapse onto the sofa, after a long day at work. Ultimately, just like leisure travellers, they want to live their own way.


Separating work and leisure

Something we’re often told by those who come to stay in our suites is that the flexible spaces and multiple rooms allow them to both physically and mentally separate their working life from their personal life. Having a great living area, kitted out with all the entertainment you require, can serve as a useful incentive for a long day at the desk – something to look forward to and work towards throughout the day.


luxury aparthotel penthouse suite in London

Pet-friendly aparthotels


pet-friendly aparthotel, dog in london


Being able to bring along a canine companion has proven to be a huge draw among the business travellers who come to stay at Supercity. It’s a great way to avoid some of the pitfalls of being away from family and friends for long stretches of time, and, more importantly, can make for some great photo opportunities in the capital.


Supercity’s spacious aparthotels lie at the heart of three of the finest cities in the UK. Our ultra-flexible service and personal touch combine the perks of quality hotel service with all of the benefits of apartment living. Book now with our limited-time winter offer.

Supercity heads to Brighton

Here’s why we’re heading to one of the most vibrant and fast-growing cities in the country.


It was a sunny summer afternoon in 2016 when we had an idea: Brighton.


We should probably clarify here – the city of Brighton was not our idea. That predates us by some 2500 years. Regrettably, that is one thing we definitely can’t take credit for.


The idea was to expand our aparthotel family down on the south coast. And the more we thought about it, the more we wondered why we hadn’t thought about it before. The city – a vibrant, bustling epicentre with an authentic sense of community – fits the Supercity mould to a T.


Sunset on Brighton resort


Why Brighton?

It’d be quicker to list the reasons why not. With its flourishing economy, powered by almost 14,000 great small enterprises, the city is a rising star in the world of business travel. And when it comes to leisure? We’re glad you asked.


Brighton hosts 60 festivals a year – more than one a week on average – attended by residents and visitors in equal measure. It boasts an extensive repertoire of nightlife, with numerous intimate live music venues as well as legendary clubs such as Patterns. It is unwaveringly proud of its own diversity, and has a rich history of supporting and celebrating the LGBTQ community. And, containing the only constituency in the UK held by the Green Party, it’s at the forefront of the country’s journey towards sustainability.


Oh, and then there’s the small matter of the seafront.


Brighton pier on the seafront and beach


We could throw all the superlatives in the world at the Brighton seafront, but instead here’s a stat that sums it up best: in 2018, 9.5 million people made day trips down to the beach. It’s a good job, then, that the city has the highest number of restaurants per person in the entire country. And if all that isn’t enough, our new property is based 10 minutes away from the globally recognised Brighton pier, complete with arcades, candy floss stalls and neon lights, like a giant Stranger Things set.


The new best place to stay in Brighton



Built on top of the ever-popular former ice rink (don’t worry, we removed the rink before building), we were always aware that our new Q Square aparthotel would have a lot to live up to. That’s why we’ve taken special care to get every last detail perfect. Throughout our six storeys and 61 apartments we’ve installed stunning modern artwork, state-of-the-art kitchens, and ultra-comfortable furniture to replicate our authentic home-from-home experience.


A stay in Brighton deserves a Supercity level of luxury. Our suites marry the comfort and privacy of an apartment with the benefits of quality hotel service, giving you the best of both worlds. Book now to get in on our starting rates from £75 per night.

The Most Eco-Friendly Transport Options in London

Keeping London clean and green is a cause that benefits everyone. Studies have shown that an improvement in inner-city air quality can lead to remarkable results – not just the reduction of physical illness but significant mental health benefits as well.


There are plenty of great choices and ambitious long-term projects in place when it comes to environmentally friendly travelling around London. For the third instalment in our Travel Green series, we’ve done some research and compared the effectiveness and price of each option.


London buses are an eco-friendly mode of transport

Walking and cycling

Of course, the best energy source for transport is the power generated from your own two feet. Walking from A to B is not only environmentally friendly but healthy and often thoroughly rewarding. Two years ago TfL set in motion a Walking Action Plan that aimed to increase the number of daily walking trips in the capital by over one million by 2024.


For those longer, more time-pressured journeys, cycling can be an ideal upgrade. Bike rental is a booming market, and with TfL’s Santander Cycles you can enjoy 24-hour access for just £2. Every journey under half an hour is free, and you pay an extra £2 for every extra 30 minutes of each journey. And whilst the main roads can certainly be an intimidating place to cycle, TfL are committed to building 450km of dedicated cycleways by 2024.


London eco-friendly Santander cycle


However, there are many reasons why walking and cycling may not be the most preferred or even feasible modes of transport in the city. These include, but are not limited to, weather dependency, physical demand, and, in the case of cycling, off-putting safety statistics.


London Underground

Meanwhile many metres below the pavement, London Underground has set out an ambitious pledge to become carbon neutral by 2050. TfL plan to connect the tube to an exclusive carbon neutral wind farm outside of London, and also make use of the thermal energy emitted within the tunnels, which currently goes to waste.


Even without these changes in place, the tube still stands as one of the eco-friendliest modes of transport in London. And given how many people fit into each carriage, the carbon footprint per head is near-insignificant.


London Underground, going carbon neutral


Best private travel option

For those looking for a greener alternative to Uber or black cabs, we recommend a company called Green Tomato cars. They use exclusively low or zero-emissions taxis, and engage in a substantial carbon offsetting project in Uganda as well. Their app is also easy to use, with an identical mobile booking platform to Uber in addition to very similar prices. On top of all of this, they make a special effort with local communities as well, planting 200 trees a year in London parks and partnering with a new charity each year.


Most cost-efficient green transport in London

Although bus charges are often the cheapest, here’s a little known tip: all contactless tube journeys between zones 2 and 6 cost the same as the bus fare on weekdays before 6:30am, between 9:30am and 3:59pm, and after 7pm. Travel at other times, and through zone 1, is just 90p extra per trip.


If you’re looking to travel green in London, Manchester or Brighton, Supercity’s aparthotels are the ideal places to stay. We’re constantly evolving our luxury suites to make them as eco-friendly as possible without sacrificing an inch of quality. Check out our unbeatable locations now.

The Future of the Travel and Tourism Industry

Here at Supercity Aparthotels, we’re heading into the new decade on a wave of optimism. Various behavioural trends in combination are powering the hospitality sector forward both at home and abroad, giving us plenty of reasons to be cheerful about the future of travel.


An extraordinary recent forecast from the UN World Tourist Organisation has suggested that the demand for global travel is only heading upwards in the near future. Throughout the 2010s it hiked upward by around 500 million trips per year, and by 2030 it’s set to be closing in on the 2 billion mark for annual trips worldwide.


The prediction spells particularly good news for Europe and Asia, whose leisure travel economy accounts for over two thirds of global tourism income. The horizons look promising for Africa too, which is set to become one of the two fastest growing continents in global travel. But what are the behavioural changes underpinning this spike in demand?


Future of travel and tourism


‘Diaspora Tourism’ on the up

One major catalyst of increasing global travel is the number of people worldwide living outside of their country of birth. This has led to regular return trips back to native countries, either in order to visit relatives or to explore homelands and ancestral roots.


Analysts at the Migration Policy Institute have labelled this the ‘Nostalgia Trade’ – a market powered by emotional attachments and cultural pride. Although this is a global trend it has particularly aided countries with lower GDPs, those that benefit from tourism the most.


Future of Travel and Tourism 2020 2030


The Rise of the ‘Experience Economy’

Here’s another good omen for the future of travel: research has shown that people are increasingly more likely to spend money on an experience rather than a physical product.


Generally, the world is purchasing less and doing more. A day trip to another city is becoming a more likely investment amongst younger people than a big Oxford Street haul. This is, of course, music to the ears of all of us travel lovers, and spells good news for the hotel sector at the start of the decade.


Independent travel on the rise

An EHL 2019 survey found that travellers are also turning their backs on standardisation. This is a common strategy adopted by the biggest hotel chains worldwide, which involves setting a rigid guideline for standards and copying it to the letter for each new property.


This used to be the go-to model for hotels, but it seems that is no longer the case. Now, individualisation has come to the fore, as travellers are starting to look for more personalised, regionally specific accommodation options. This is something we’ve always been passionate about, and it informed our local graffiti-inspired artwork and worker bee imagery that decorates our Church Street aparthotel in Manchester.


Manchester aparthotel 2020


Our message here at Supercity is the same as ever: bring on the future. No matter what twists and turns lay in store for travel in the future, some things will always remain constant. Travellers will always want to be in full control of their trip, receiving the precise level of service they desire. And for all the talk of hologram staff and full automation, we know that there will always be a demand for an overall experience that is fundamentally human.


For ultra-flexible service and luxury apartment-grade accommodation, come and stay at one of our aparthotels in London, Manchester or Brighton. Book now with our limited-time winter offer.

The Best Vegan Food Spots in London

We’re passionate about sustainability at our aparthotels, so for Veganuary 2020 we’re sharing our top five local, innovative and delicious vegan food spots in London.


What an amazing decade it’s been for veganism. Turn the clock back ten years and the term would probably be met with confused faces and the occasional sigh. But by 2020 it’s become ubiquitous in the world of food, and has made itself at home on our own menus.

For those looking to go green on their travels, veganism is a powerful and delicious way of reducing that carbon footprint. A comprehensive study in 2014 found that heavy meat eaters produce close to three times the greenhouse gas emissions of vegans – that’s around two tons more CO2 in the space of a year.

If you’re heading to London you might feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of different vegan options on offer, but worry no longer. In celebration of Veganuary we have indulged ourselves in meat and dairy alternatives from across the city, and after much debate and even more eating, here is our ever-reliable top five vegan food spots in London.


Vegan falafel in London.


5. Mad Hatters – Vegan Afternoon Tea

Have you always wanted to enjoy some vegan scones and jam whilst looking out into a garden of flamingo statues? Probably not, actually, unless your imagination is a lot more vivid than ours. Nevertheless, such a place exists, and it’s wonderful. Located just ten minutes away from our very own Rosebery Aparthotel, Mad Hatters is a delightful tearoom in Fitzrovia, tucked neatly away from the nearby hustle and bustle. It’s almost like entering a different world…

Vegan afternoon tea in London.

4. Mildreds – Inventive Meat-free Meals 

Giving classic international dishes a plant-based spin, Mildred has won over the hearts of many foodies this past decade. With restaurants in Soho, Camden, Kings Cross and Dalston, there’s plenty to like about Mildreds: they’re committed to all-organic produce, they work with small local businesses, and they have one of the best gluten-free menus in London. It’s affordable, vibrant, and cheerful, and has more than earned its place in our top five.


3. Tibits – Luxury Vegan Buffet

 If you’re looking for more of a high-end dining experience, Tibits is your best bet. This is a showstopping vegan restaurant just around the corner from The Chronicle>>**HL**. Operating like a supercharged salad bar, their options cut across a range of cuisines and cultures, and they have mastered their own plant-based take on gnocchi, sausage rolls, tikka masala, and much more.


2. Greggs’ Meat-Free Range

Now here’s a twist nobody saw coming. Slowly but surely, the beloved bakery is becoming something of a trailblazer in the world of vegan fast-food. Their newly vegan CEO Roger Whiteside has been paving the way with his commitment to an alternative, affordable vegan range for all of their classic snacks, their most recent addition being the meat-free steak bake. And, as the old maxim goes, in London you’re never more than six feet away from a Greggs. (That is the saying, right?)

vegan fried chicken in London.

1. Temple of Seitan, Hackney – The Vegan Fried Chicken Shop

One of the true hidden gems of London, the Temple of Seitan offers up some of the most realistic vegan fried chicken – yes, you read that right – you will find anywhere. It might be a hassle to get there, but Hackney never disappoints, and after you’ve grabbed your (quite unbelievably realistic) wheat protein-based chicken burger you can check out the renowned local bars and alternative shops.


If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint whilst exploring the UK’s amazing cities, there’s no better place to stay than at one of our family-run aparthotels. We’re big on sustainability and offer a 100% locally sourced, vegan-inclusive menu! Book now with our limited-time winter offer.

Top 5 things to do in London in January 2020

It’s time to shake off those January blues – there are plenty of great things to do in London to keep you occupied this New Year.


Today, we’re making a stand. For too long January has been vilified as the worst month of the year – the cold, miserable hangover from the festive period. But here at Supercity we like to have our glass half full at this time of year. We see January as the month of opportunity – the time to hit the restart button, seize the day and spend that Christmas cash in style. And in London, there are plenty of great events to help you beat away the blues and get your 2020 off to a flying start.



   5. The London Short Film Festival – London’s best arts offering

From the 10th to the 19th of January, the London Short Film Festival is hosting one of the most diverse and wide-ranging artistic spreads that you will see all year. With up to 12 screenings every day, the festival encapsulates the diversity at the heart of the capital, weaving its way through all of the most unexplored nooks and crannies of modern life. From documentaries on the drag revolution to cartoon comedy shorts, there’s something for everyone.


     4. St Augustine’s Tower – a free aerial view over London

There will always be a place in our hearts for Hackney. Live music, vintage charity shops, vegan fried chicken – if you can name it, you’ll probably find it there this January. And on the 26th, they’re hosting their monthly open day at St Augustine’s Tower, where you can climb its 135 steps and look out onto the illuminated City of London and beyond.


     3. Russian Vodka vs English Gin – a rare spirit-tasting evening

The title makes it sound like a drinking game, but it’s a little more sophisticated than that. Head to Pushkin House on the 10th for a night of history, culture, and, you guessed it, spirit-tasting. If that’s not enough, then they’re also promising Harrods bread alongside a range of cheeses to help absorb the alcohol.



     2. Secret Cinema presents Stranger Things – an immersive eighties experience

Currently we have this one down as the most unique event in London. The small town of Hawkins, Indiana has been transported over to Canning Town. This is one of those events that feels like every penny of every ticket has gone into a quite dazzling production. Dress up in your best ‘80s clothing and attend the Hawkins school reunion, where you become part of the Stranger Things story. You can buy January tickets here – but they’re going fast.


     1. Cirque du Soleil – Luzia

The circus is in town! The rhythms of Mexico are coming to the Royal Albert Hall this January as Cirque du Soleil are performing their flagship show Luzia. Surrealist animal models, dazzling outfits, and stunning acrobatics abound in a performance built on the dual themes of light and rain. Tickets start at £28.50 and you can book here.



If you’re looking to beat away the winter blues, Supercity’s bright, personalised aparthotels are the perfect places to stay in London this January. Book your stay now and take advantage of our limited-time winter offer.



Your Complete Guide to Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting is a great, affordable way to keep your personal carbon footprint in check. In the first instalment of our #TravelGreen series, we’ve been looking for the most cost-efficient carbon offsetting schemes on offer.


It was David Attenborough who described our modern time as a ‘unique stage in our history’. It’s a time, he said, when we know more about climate change than ever before and have more power than ever to stop it. We completely agree, which is why we’re committed to transforming our aparthotels from top to bottom to make them as eco-friendly as possible.


The biggest problem, however, lies in the travel itself. A single flight from Sydney to London can release well over 3 tons of carbon dioxide, more than millions of people worldwide would produce in a year. And far from dying down, flying has been predicted to become twice as common in the next decade. So what’s the compromise?


planting trees to capture carbon

How does carbon offsetting work?

Meet carbon offsetting. At Supercity we are big fans, and want to encourage those staying with us to give it a go. It involves investing in eco-friendly initiatives, such as tree-planting or renewable energy projects, in order to balance out the carbon emissions of a flight. These are usually based in the developing countries, particularly those close to sea level and those susceptible to droughts. And here’s the best news – the money you need to invest is only a fraction of the price of a flight.


How to join a carbon offsetting scheme

If you’re short on time, worry not. These days many airlines tend to offer their own carbon offsetting scheme alongside the flight, which simply involves ticking a box. The likes of Qantas, Emirates and British Airways are leading the way on this front, but many airlines’ methods of carbon offsetting have come under scrutiny in recent years. Environmental experts have claimed that some are halfhearted and merely a distraction from real climate action.



carbon emissions from aeroplanes


Most trustworthy carbon offsetting schemes

We’ve taken a good look at all of the carbon offsetting schemes in the UK, and have some recommendations. Gold Standard, set up by numerous well-known organisations including WWF, relentlessly crunch the numbers to ensure the absolute maximum impact of your offsetting investment. We also like the look of Verra, too, whose highly transparent operations have been widely endorsed by sustainability experts. Whichever you choose, it’s worth ensuring they meet internationally recognised standards.

Are there alternatives to carbon offsetting?

There are some other smaller changes you can make to slightly reduce your carbon emissions without paying more. Flying in economy rather than first class encourages airlines to fit more passengers on one plane, reducing the carbon footprint per head. You can also compare and choose your airlines based on their other green initiatives – we’ll have more on that later in the month.

If you’re looking to travel green in London, Manchester or Brighton, Supercity’s aparthotels are the ideal places to stay. We’re constantly evolving our luxury suites to make them as eco-friendly as possible without sacrificing an inch of quality. Check out our unbeatable locations now.

Reflections on an Extraordinary Decade

This New Year’s Eve we’re hitting the rewind button. Here’s how our London aparthotels made their mark in one of the most competitive markets around.


Is it already over? It feels like just a couple of months ago that it was New Year’s Eve 2010, when the London Olympics were coming into view, when Downton Abbey first graced our screens, and when we had just the one aparthotel in the Supercity family. We have so much to look forward to in the twenties, and we can’t wait to share it all with you. But just for today, we want to swivel round and take a look back at our development over the last decade.


Where it all began

Back when we first started out, the London hotel sector was blossoming exponentially. Aided by a rising demand for tourism and one of the highest population growth rates in Europe, the industry helped lift the city’s economy up off its knees and allowed international business to flourish.



But with the sector’s enormous growth came the inevitable: competition was fierce. The biggest hotel chains were squeezing out their rivals and only going from strength to strength in the capital. It was a tough sector to break into, but the demand was only increasing.

And so, in April 2009, enter Supercity Aparthotels.


Going against the grain

Our journey began on a quiet street called Templeton Place, located just 2 minutes away from Earl’s Court station in West London. With its modern, stylish suites and a special kind of service that was both personal and flexible, Templeton Place was quickly taken to by business travellers and sightseers alike, and we knew we’d found a winning formula.


Growing the business

Over the next ten years our trade flourished, and we added four more London aparthotels to the family. We first moved next-door into an old Victorian Townhouse on Nevern Place, and then crossed over London to Clerkenwell and Chancery Lane, where we opened up the Rosebery and the Chronicle. This area defined the Supercity ethos; it was both at the heart of the city’s financial district, yet also only a stone’s throw away from many cultural landmarks, including the world-famous nightclub Fabric.


In late 2018, we ventured up to Manchester’s Northern Quarter, an area that shared our love of all things vibrant and soulful. As a nod towards the rich cultural heritage of the area, the rooms of the aparthotel featured Bohemian designs, worker bee imagery, and photography of local graffiti.

We couldn’t tell the story of Supercity without mentioning our spread of artwork across our properties. From exotic sculptures to original local photography to celebrity mugshots, we’ve amassed a truly eclectic mixture of pieces over the past decade, each one telling its own story and contributing to the unique home-from-home experience we provide.

And finally, it’s only right to end on the most important part of it all: the Supercity team. We’re proud to be a family-run business, and that family has grown with every single employee who has joined us along the way. The level of expansion we’ve seen in the past decade could never have been possible without the dedicated, passionate team behind it, and we’re forever grateful for all of the hard work and innovation that has gone into every one of our aparthotels.


Looking Forward 

And that brings us up to speed. We’re adding a sixth aparthotel in the coming months (we might have already given the location away once or twice…) and are going to continue to improve our sustainability strategy – we’ll keep you posted on both of those fronts. Oh, and if you’re thinking of visiting London or Manchester in the coming months, our Winter offer is expiring soon. Otherwise, have a happy New Year and see you in the roaring twenties!

The Best Last-Minute Christmas Shopping Spots in Manchester

If you’ve clicked on this blog, the chances are you’re only just beginning to think about your Christmas shopping. The more high-stress individuals around you might be getting on your back, begging you to go with them to Albert Square, or trying to drag you over to the Trafford Centre.


But we know what you’re up to, and we like your style. We say shop smart, not hard; with the correct approach, the minimum effort can yield maximum rewards. If you know where to go to beat the queues, it doesn’t matter when you go. So without further ado, here is our top 5 of great Christmas shopping spots in Manchester away from the hustle and bustle of the main markets.


  1. Village Greens Community Coop – For the ultimate Christmas hamper

If you want to collate an unforgettable hamper for a friend (or for yourself – we won’t tell anyone), Village Greens is more than worth the short journey out of the inner city. In fact, a 20-minute trip from Church Street to the Coop is most likely longer than the journey their produce takes from the fields to the store – it’s all locally grown and sourced near Manchester, right down to their organic ketchup. And we can’t say we’re completely sure, but we think they sell the most eco-friendly toilet paper in the Northwest.



  1. Bags of Flavor – The best vintage clothes store in Manchester

Ah, clothes. Where would we be without them every Christmas? They’re the ultimate last-minute get out of jail free card when it comes to shopping – a perfect gift for all ages. And Bags of Flavor, situated a whole two minutes away from our Church Street aparthotel, has an uncanny ability to stock the exact kind of piece you’re looking for every time. Looking at some of the jackets currently available on their Instagram, we think the Gallagher brothers would have been regulars.


  1. Piccadilly Records – Vintage vinyls and classic music merchandise

Count the number of musical genres you can name. Now add three hundred. That’s how many different sections there are at the Piccadilly Records vinyl store. Every trip to this timeless place is a delight, and the staff are as helpful as they are knowledgeable on music. And if you’re not buying for a vinyl lover, do not fear – they sell a huge range of antique posters and printed fabrics as well.



  1. Nordic Muse – own-brand affordable jewellery

Worried you’re becoming that friend with a reputation for underwhelming presents? It’s time to go big and pick up some – yes, you guessed it – Scandinavian jewellery. Nordic Muse, a short tram ride from the city centre, is one of the most authentic goods stores around, selling true native garments with unmistakably sleek, minimalist designs.  It’s a real celebration of Manchester’s multicultural roots.


  1. Fig and Sparrow – the most aesthetic gifts in Manchester

With a name that sounds like a pub from Harry Potter, the Fig and Sparrow is one of the most likeable little shops in all of Manchester. Despite its central location – just on the corner of Church Street – it often doesn’t get the attention it deserves because it doubles up as a café. But it is secretly the perfect Christmas shopping spot, with not only a spread of great present ideas but also a whole wall dedicated to immaculately designed cards, wrapping paper and gift bags.


Whether you’re in Manchester for a night or a month, Supercity’s Church Street Aparthotel is the ideal place to stay for all types of travellers. In the heart of the city’s vibrant Northern Quarter, we offer relaxing suites with ultra-flexible service, giving you full control to shape your experience. Book now with our limited-time winter offer.


All you need to know about Bleisure Travelling

Churchill once said: “Bleisure is beyond a trend… it’s an absolute habit”.


A small disclaimer – we’re talking about Bryan Churchill, the VP of hotel sales for the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board. He said it earlier this year. Still, we think that Winston would have been a keen bleisurer himself.


What is bleisure?

Bleisure is a combination of ‘business’ and ‘leisure’ travelling which involves adding a holiday onto the beginning or end of a business trip away. The term was first coined a decade ago, but has only become a big trend in the past two years.


Why is bleisure so popular?

The stars seem to have aligned for bleisure this year. It has an answer to just about every problem facing the modern business traveller. For those concerned about their carbon footprint, bleisure travelling can cut annual flight times by half. For those who want to save money but also need a break, bleisure can function as a permanent holiday discount. And for those struggling to motivate themselves for a long week of work abroad, the bleisure model gives them both the ‘work hard’ and the ‘play hard’. In fact, studies have shown that it reduces the negative personal effects of travelling away from home for business.



Who is it targeting?

Although statistics suggest that millennials are more likely to make these trips, bleisure travel has spiked across all age ranges. This is in part because business travel just doesn’t seem to be disappearing; technology still has a long, long way to go before it can fully replicate face-to-face meetings from across the globe. Older generations have used the bleisure model as a kind of family holiday package, flying out their partners and children for the leisure half of their trip.


A sustainable travel solution?

Eco-friendly travelling has been a difficult circle to square for a long time. Even for those committed to staying green on their travels, the carbon emissions stats from the flights alone don’t make for pretty reading. But if flying out for a business meeting or event is a necessity anyway, it’s possible to cut out two extra holiday flights that year by staying put and taking a week off. And when it comes to places that aren’t so appealing for a holiday, the chances are there is somewhere interesting nearby that is reachable by train.



Has it impacted the travel industry?

Hugely. Travel companies and hoteliers have had to start merging traditionally separate departments, rebranding themselves to appeal to new customer bases, and introducing “bleisure packages” that offer companies extended stays.


But here at Supercity Aparthotels? We haven’t changed a thing. We’ve been bleisure-friendly since day one – in fact, we wish we’d invented the word. Our family-run business was founded on the core principle that the corporate traveller and the tourist aren’t all that different. Fundamentally, both want to enjoy their stay.


Where can I stay for bleisure in the UK?

Whether you’re sightseeing or report-writing – or, of course, doing some intense bleisuring – our modern, stylish suites in London and Manchester are for you. If you need to work, they double up as spacious and quiet offices. If you want to explore, we’re right in the heart of two of the finest cities in the country. You can come and stay for a matter of days, weeks, or even months. And with our personalised, flexible service, you can choose whether you want more of a hotel-style treatment or the authentic home-from-home experience.


With Supercity Aparthotels, you’re always in control of your trip. Book now with our limited-time winter offer.

Top 5 Unique Things to do in London for Christmas 2019

We believe two things to be true. One, there’s nothing better than Christmas. Two, there’s nothing worse than a Christmas event, market or shopping centre that’s jam-packed full of people to the point where you can hardly move around (yes, we’re looking at you, winter wonderland).

If you’re travelling to London over the festive period, it’s all too easy to get drawn into the biggest and loudest places – but you’d be missing out if you did. As usual, we’ve been on the lookout for the less obvious – yet all the more memorable – things to do across the capital in December – those seasonal treats hidden away from the front pages of Google.


    1. Nordic bar – The ultimate Christmas pub

We’re not entirely sure what a ‘Viking style’ Christmas involves, but if Nordic Bar in Fitzrovia is anything to go by, it’s bucket-list material. Located just 10 minutes away from The Chronicle, what we love about this pub is that it doesn’t try too hard: its wooden, candlelit interior and log fire can make you feel more Christmassy than any Oxford Street store around the corner. Our suggestion is this: go on a random morning, pick up one of their Scandinavian snacks and a coffee, sit by the fire, close your eyes, and relax.



    2. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium – London’s best winter hot drinks spot

Cats may not be the most Christmassy of creatures, but we could all do with a furry friend around as the nights grow longer. Have an afternoon off at Lady Dinah’s café and you won’t forget it – not only does it offer a great range of coffees and teas as well as fully vegan meals, but it’s also a sanctuary for dozens of rescue cats who are in need of a home. And at this time of year, it’s covered with small Christmas toys for the them to play with.



    3. Brompton Cemetery – The best free Christmas event

Now for something completely different. Just five minutes away from Nevern Place, Brompton cemetery puts on free storytelling sessions on Sundays with no booking required. It’s very atmospheric, but fear not – it’ll all be over before the darkness descends…


    4. Deer-spotting in Richmond Park – A dose of city countryside

A mini paradise nestled within West London, Richmond Park holds a simple yet magic formula: take the city’s biggest royal park, and add nothing but hundreds of beautiful red and fallow deer. On a frosty winter morning, it’s something truly special. We all feel like a country break close to London from time to time, but you can escape the inner-city within an hour from our Nevern Place and Templeton Place properties.



    5. Christmas Carol Concert at Southwark Cathedral – The most peaceful spot in central London

There’s something quite special about Southwark Cathedral. It could hardly be in a busier area of London, yet as soon as you step inside it’s as quiet and serene as anywhere in the country. Add to that London’s best Christmas carol concert, and you have something truly memorable.


However you choose to spend your Christmas period – whether it’s in a local pub with friends or tucked up in front of the TV – Supercity Aparthotels is the ideal place to stay. With flexible service and unbeatable locations, enjoy your festive period in our truly unique home-from-home serviced apartments.

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