A Lunchtime on Leather Lane

In case you were overwhelmed with the food choices around The Rosebery in Clerkenwell, we asked everyone at Supercity HQ what their favourite food stall was on Leather Lane to help make your choice a little easier:


This is a firm favourite of Fred’s, our General and Operations Manager. “Chillango stands out for me- great variety Mexican and they also do daily meal deals at lunch for £5, which is awesome!

Chillango is based at the Chancery Lane end of Leather Lane.


Zoe, PA to the MD and Office Manager likes to go here at least once a week. Although she never strays from the “plain tortilla and a side salad with olive oil, salt and pepper”. There are lots of other Spanish staples on the menu, like croquettas, chorizo and chicken baguettes and the mighty ‘Spanish Tapas box’.

Embutique is located about half way down Leather Lane in a black food caravan, near St Cross Street.

Warung Tempeh

Joanna, our Sales and Revenue Manager says “the owner is a very nice bloke- but have you seen the guy he works with oooof so tasty!” The food is also good of course, and a great option for the veggies out there. Whats more their tempeh  is 100% organic which sounds good to us!

Warung Tempeh is at the Clerkenwell Road end of Leather Lane.

Boom Burger

Without fail, every Friday Roxanne, Supercity’s Accounts Manager will go to Boom Burger, she doesn’t even have to tell them what she wants anymore!  For the record she goes for a burger, cheese and salad but tells us the bacon is also really good. There is also a veggie option, but not sold on a Friday as that’s their busiest day.

Boom Burger is about halfway down Leather Lane on the corner of St Cross Street.


Our MD, Alexis always sings the praises of the Trents Goat’s Cheese Salad! This is always her lunch of choice if she hasn’t brought anything in. The Halloumi wrap is another good choice and, in case it might rain (which is highly likely in London) they have seating inside, which is an added bonus.

You can find Trents at the Clerkenwell Road end of Leather Lane.

Our advice would be to get there before 2pm, any later than this and you run the risk of not getting anything as the stalls often run out of food after this time. Something Joanna and Zoe experienced recently when they tried 4 different stalls which were all out of food and ended up in the local supermarket!

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